Email, Calendaring and Instant Messaging

UAConnect365 (Office365) for Faculty and Staff

Catworks UAConnect365 Accounts for Student Workers

  • Please visit the UITS webpage for more information on this service.

UAConnect365 is the email and calendaring service for faculty and staff provided by Microsoft Office 365. UAConnect365 is best accessed via Outlook 2016 software, and online via the Office 365 portal. Student workers may also be provided with UAConnect365 accounts, called Catworks accounts.
Benefits of UAConnect365 include:
  • Larger mailboxes (100 GB)
  • Larger size maximums for individual messages (TBD)
  • Online space for storage and collaboration (1 TB)
  • Access to web versions of Word, Excel, and other Microsoft Office applications
  • Downloadable Office applications for your desktop and mobile devices

UA Email for Students (CatMail)

A CatMail account is created automatically when any new University of Arizona student selects a NetID. The new email address will have the format your NetID, and it is the official means of communication between students and the university.

The student email service is provided by Google G Suite for Education, which also provides access to Google's full suite of applications from any computer or mobile device.

Google Apps for Education offers numerous benefits:

  • An educational account with no ads and full privacy protection
  • Unlimited storage space
  • Access via web, preferred POP or IMAP email software, or mobile device
  • Google's excellent security and uptime record

CatMail includes all other Google G Suite for Education services. Faculty and staff can opt in to a CatMail account for all other services except for email.

Education vs. Personal: If you have a personal Gmail account as well as a CatMail account, remember to check which account you are logged into.

Department of Physics Email Server

January 10, 2018: Now that UITS has completed migration of accounts, we will resume transitioning away from storing email on our department email server. You will be able to retain your email address, however any email sent to your "" account will be redirected to another email host for storage. IT staff will contact and work with each account owner prior to switching.

UA Mailing Lists

Instant Messaging (Lync/Skype for Business)

On June 23, UITS migrated all Instant Messaging accounts at once from the current system to the UAConnect365 system. This ensures all IM users across campus retain the ability to message each other.

  • Mac users who use Lync for IM should update to Skype for Business on Mac, which is available for download inside Office 365 ( Lync does not work with NetID+, required for UAConnect365.
  • After June 23 and after your mailbox migrates to UAConnect365, you can use IM online by logging in to Office 365 ( and clicking the Mail tile. There will be a Skype icon on the upper right menu bar.
  • All IM users, online or with desktop software, will need a NetID password created/changed after March 6, 2017 and NetID+ in order to use IM after the June 23 IM migration.