Requirements for the BS in science education with a physics concentration

General education requirements

Foreign language to second-semester level
English Composition [placement by English Department]
Study areas other than science (science & math automatically satisfied)

Physics requirements

One of the introductory sequences:
I. Physics 161H, 162H, 261H, 263H
II. Physics 141, 142, 241, 263H
PHYS 321 (Mechanics I)
PHYS 320 (Optics)
PHYS 331 (Electricity and magnetism I)
PHYS 381* (Advanced Lab I)
PHYS 439 (Physics Teaching Methods)

Supporting-content courses, 29 units required, including:

MATH 124 or 125 (Calculus I)
MATH 129 (Calculus II)
MATH 223 (Vector calculus)
MATH 254 (Differential equations)
CHEM 151, 152 (General chemistry)

The remaining 12 units of elective credit are to be chosen from:
ASTR 300A, ASTR 300B, ASTR 403, BIOC 181L, BIOC 181R, CHEM 480A, CHEM 480B, ECOL 181L, ECOL 181R, ECOL 182L, ECOL 182R, GEOS 251, GEOS 322, GEOS 403, GEOS 419, MCB 181L, MCB 181R, MCB 184, MIC 181L, MIC 181R, PHIL 426, PHIL 427, PHYS 320, PHYS 427, PHYS 431, PTYS 403, PTYS 419. Other courses in supporting content areas can be used if approved by the advisor.

Science Pedagogy courses

STCH 250 (Teaching Science)
STCH 310 (Adolescent Learning in Science & Mathematics)
STCH 410* (Managing Science Instruction in Diverse Classrooms)
STCH 420* (Planning & Implementing Science Curriculum)
LCEV 408 (Methods of Teaching English)
LCEV 416 (Structured English Immersion Methods)
STCH 494A (Student Teaching)
STCH 496A (Student Teaching Seminar)

Students who wish to be certified in an additional content area will need to take
24 credits in that area. Those courses should be selected in collaboration with an advisor.


* Phys 381, STCH 410 and STCH 420 are writing-emphasis courses.