Please fill out this form to notify the department of any absences of classes, recitations, labs, etc., and dates you will be absent.

Graduate Program


Check Request Form / Employee Reimbursement Request
Required for requests for reimbursement of purchases made with personal funds.

Use this form to request a payment to off campus vendors, organizations or individuals who are not university employees. Note that if the Pay-to (payee) is not a current UA Vendor, additional information and forms may be requested. Contact the Business office for specific documents.

Required for all P-card transactions. Needs to be brought to the Business Office the Same Day an order is placed or purchase is made. Include back up documentation such as the on line order conformation, an itemized receipt, or conference registration, air line tickets. (For conference registration or airline tickets a Travel Authorization form is also required).

Use with the Department Card whenever food is purchased, including business meetings, business entertainment, employee recognition.

Use this form to initiate the purchase order process or when requesting a formal bid for product or services.


Federal Express Form
Bring a completed copy of this form along with the package to be shipped to the Main Office.


Travel Authorization
Travel must be authorized and documented prior to all official University travel activities, and a Travel Authorization Form must be filled out, even if travel expenses will not be charged to the University. University travel is governed through State of Arizona statutesArizona Board of Regents policy, and the State of Arizona Accounting Manual

Travel Expense Worksheet
Submit after the trip to request reimbursement of expenses. Required only if you received a travel advance or are requesting payment.

Additional Forms