Graduate Academic Advising

photo: FJ Gaylor
In addition to any of the individuals below, you should also feel free to seek advice from your individual Faculty Mentor(s) as well as your individual Grad Student Mentor(s). Often graduate students can provide a unique perspective on practical matters that might be hard to get elsewhere. Finally, of course, all members of the faculty are willing to assist graduate students, and the same holds true for our current grads. When in doubt, just ASK!


Prof. Sean Fleming
Director of Graduate Studies

PAS 386C
(520) 626-4377
Prof. Ken Johns

PAS 454
(520) 621-6791
Prof. Arvinder Sandhu

PAS 445
(520) 621-6786
Prof. Shufang Su

PAS 420L
(520) 621-2866
Prof. Charles Wolgemuth

PAS 451
(520) 626-1622