Undergraduate Consultation and Tutoring

(photo: FJ Gaylor)
PAS 372 is designated as our Consultation Room. During Spring and Fall semesters, the Consultation Room is staffed by a Graduate Teaching Assistant or a faculty member from 9-5 daily. Here students can obtain specific help in problem solving or in understanding physics concepts for undergraduate courses. However, if you need more individual attention, you might seek a paid tutor.

We have compiled the following list of tutors as a service to our students. We make no endorsement for, nor take responsibility for the information listed below. We suggest you discuss with the prospective tutor his/her qualifications to ensure that (s)he will be able to meet your needs. Please be advised that the Graduate Council has ruled that graduate teaching assistants/associates not be allowed to engage in any commercial activity relative to the course(s) with which they are assisting at this University (e.g., selling course materials or conducting paid review sessions for courses in which they are directly involved as a Graduate Teaching Assistant.)

Physics Department Tutor List, Fall 2017

Rana, Muhed
All physics classes except 241; high school students too.
Cheng, Lidens
All undergraduate physics classes and high school physics & math
Palos-Chavez, Jorge
All undergraduate physics except Lab 182. Calculus and high school physics too.
Noshirvani, Golchehr
College and high school physics and math. I have a lot of experience tutoring high school students.
Zhang, Tiankui
Mechanics, mathematical physics, quantum, statistical/thermal and any other undergraduate general physics. High school students ok
$20 for one student. $30 for two
Ravishankar, Arun
All physics courses except computational physics.