Physics Sophomore Alex Cole Wins Top Honors at ARL

Alex Cole (center) pictured with ARL fellow Dr. Rose Pesce-Rodriguez (left) and Dr. Thomas Russell (right).
News Editor

Alex Cole had an internship this summer at the US Army Research Laboratory (ARL) working in the area of Material Science. ARL overall probably hosts 100 undergraduate interns, ranging from freshman to graduating seniors. At the end of the summer, ARL runs a competition where the various Divisions nominate their top interns based upon the research they performed over the summer. These students then present at the local Directorate level, which then determines who represents the Directorate at the final Laboratory level presentations.

We are proud to let you know that Alexandria won the overall Laboratory Award for Top Undergraduate Researcher at ARL in 2013. She was competing with not only other freshman, but also sophomores, juniors and graduating seniors. The title of her work and presentation was "Material Characterization and Mechanical Properties of Ultrafine-Grain Tungsten-Based Alloys."