Spring 2021 Physics Colloquium: STT MRAM: technologies, prospects, and exploratory scientific topics

Dr. Jonathan Sun, IBM T. J. Watson Research Center

Abstract: Spin-transfer-Torque (STT) based tunnel junctions are being actively pursued by many semiconductor manufacturers today as a memory device. These technologies grow out of a fundamental understanding of spin-angular momentum conservation in electronic transport. In this talk I will give a brief review of the progress our industry is making in technology development, and of current technology trends beyond products being offered. These lead to topics more scientific in nature, relating to the need for understanding, in new materials and devices, topics such as spin-current generation from spin-orbit interactions, spin-current transport in electrical insulators, and interface-specific electronic and magnetic excitations in a magnetic tunnel device. I will also mention some possible new applications of magnetic tunnel junctions serving as high-efficiency low-power stochastic signal source for probabilistic computing beyond the traditional von Neumann architecture. 


3 p.m. to 4 p.m. March 5, 2021