Undergraduate Studies

The objective of physics is to discover the basic laws that govern the universe and to understand how these laws lead to the wide variety of phenomena in the world around us. The interplay between theory and experiment in physics is the driving force that leads to a progressively greater understanding, as experimental results force a continued refinement of the underlying theoretical models, which in turn raise new questions to be tested in experiments.

Physics graduates pursue a variety of careers including teaching, industrial and governmental research, and academic careers that combine teaching and research. A truly multidisciplinary field, physics encompasses concepts that are naturally applied to outstanding problems in geology, biology, chemistry, and other disciplines. Exciting areas of research open to active participation by undergraduates include high-energy particle physics that attempts to unravel the fundamental building blocks of matter, the study of atoms, molecules, and nuclei, the behavior of matter in condensed states, the organization of systems into higher levels of complexity, the physics of biological systems, and astrophysical investigations that probe the vastness of space and time.

Research Opportunities

It is important for a physics major to become familiar with the various aspects of physics by getting involved in research as early as possible. Physics majors are required to engage in and earn at least 3 units of research credit for research. We encourage you to try different projects which focus on sub-disciplines that pique your interest. Our faculty realize that students just starting out in their college careers may not have the experience of upperclassmen, but are eager to discuss possible projects. It is suggested to view Research areas and Contact a professor that is conducting research in a shared interested area.

Academic Advising & Support Office

Please email the academic advisor David Smith, at dlsmith1@arizona.edu for academic advising.

The Academic Support Office is located in PAS 260, and can be reached by phone at: 520-626-0259 or 520-621-6824. You can obtain hard-copy information such as homework answers and solutions, lecture notes, etc. (also available on D2L.) If you have questions or comments, or are interested in our program, e-mail us at academic@physics.arizona.edu.