Ph.D. Program

Our Ph.D. program is designed to put students in direct contact with the topics and questions that are at the forefront of contemporary physics research. In each area of investigation, our faculty are internationally known leaders ready to guide students in cutting-edge research that confronts the evolving scientific landscape. Never satisfied with traditional ways of approaching problems and inspired by a strong interdisciplinary vision, we believe in pushing the envelope in research and teaching.

In addition to group meetings, seminars, and Department-wide colloquia, our department has also hosted numerous major international conferences and symposia. All of this provides our graduate students with a unique opportunity to take their future places on the international stage, guaranteeing them the highest levels of visibility and impact. Students graduating from our Ph.D. program have gone on to win some of the most prestigious research awards and postdoctoral fellowships available.

Our doctoral program is flexible, designed to accommodate a broad range of interests and backgrounds. Many of our entering students find that their interests change while they're here, but our diverse research areas and degree options allow graduate students the versatility to do their best work, regardless of where their investigations lead them. If you're ambitious and motivated, you'll find that our Ph.D. program will challenge you to reach your highest level of achievement.

Just as collaboration and flexibility are strengths of our graduate program in Physics, the breadth of our curriculum is another. The Physics Department offers a wide variety of courses, fostering an unsurpassed environment for learning and discovery. In addition to the core graduate-level curriculum, we also offer breadth courses that introduce students to new topics, and specialty courses that bring students up-to-date on the current state of knowledge in their chosen fields. Independent-study projects are also encouraged to connect students with individual professors in their areas of study.

Students may develop a minor specialization outside of physics, taking advantage of the richness of course offerings in other departments. The College of Science also has a unique Teacher Prep Program specializing in training the science teachers of tomorrow. Our program is flexible enough to accommodate a wide variety of interests, yet rigorous enough to ensure the deepest levels of academic excellence and preparation.

See graduate handbook for requirements for Ph.D. degree