Paul and Daisy Soros Fellowships for New Americans

Deadline: Early November

Eligibility: An applicant’s birth parents must have both been born outside of the U.S. as non-U.S. citizens. Applicants must be naturalized citizens, green card holders, born outside of the U.S. and subsequently adopted by American parents, individuals granted deferral status under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, or U.S. citizens born to two parents born abroad. Applicants must be 30 or younger and starting or continuing graduate school in the academic year following application.

Description: The Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowships for New Americans program uses three primary criteria for selection of Fellows. Each candidate should have demonstrated creativity, originality and initiative in one or more aspects of her/his life. The candidate should have demonstrated a commitment to and capacity for accomplishment that has required drive and sustained effort and to the values expressed in the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Each award is includes up to $25,000 in stipend support, as well as 50 percent of required tuition and fees, up to $20,000 per year.