Assistant Professor John Schaibley receives 2017 Bisgrove Scholars Early Career Awards

Jan. 26, 2017

By: Yemille Medina

The Bisgrove Scholar Program ``helps Research Performing Institutions in Arizona recruit and retain the highest quality academic early career scientists and engineers.'' They ``support a period of innovative research in strategic areas that enhances the Scholar’s career, attracting industry and federal funding.''

Science Foundation Arizona, " As a Bisgrove Scholar, Dr. Schaibley will research nanoscale optical and electronic technologies based on recently discovered two-dimensional (2D) semiconductors. 2D semiconductors are atomically thin materials that are only three atoms thick. Devices based on these ultrathin materials therefore realize the fundamental small-size limit for miniaturized optical and electronic technologies. Dr. Schaibley will develop 2D semiconductor devices that can be used in flexible display and energy harvesting technologies. He will also research ultrahigh speed computing technologies based on controlling plasmonic (coupled light-electronic) waves using 2D semiconductors. By developing new knowledge and device technologies, Dr. Schaibley hopes to bring 2D semiconductor device technology into practical industry applications that take advantage of their ultrasmall size and excellent optical and electronic properties. Such devices could have significant impact in the areas of flexible and wearable electronics and optoelectronics, as well as nanoscale optical computing devices that have the potential to be 1000 times faster than traditional electronic devices. Dr. Schaibley will be mentored by senior faculty at The University of Arizona, including Associate Prof. Brian LeRoy, Prof. Nasser Peyghambarian, Prof. Robert Norwood, and Prof. Sumit Mazumdar".

We would like to congratulate Professor Schaibley for his second prestigious award received in his very first year at the University of Arizona. For more information visit, .