Congratulations Physics Class of 2020

May 14, 2020

Congratulations to all our 2020 graduates! This was a challenging semester, but persistent focus on your goals brought you success. We are proud of all of you and wish you the very best in your next venture. 

Please join us in congratulating the students below;

Doctor of Philosophy;

Ashoormaram, Ashoordin

Cheng, Yihong

Xu, Meng

Huang, Fei

Medical Physics, PSM;

Hindman, Lauren

Rombro, Samuel

MS on the way to PhD;

Plunkett, Alexander

Marsh, Ian

MS in Physics

Kirby, Matthew

Ortiz II, Jose

Saidian, Jonah

Liu, Yuantian

Mann, John- Paul

Schenk, Edward

BS in Physics;

Andrews, Samantha

Barragan, Marco

Bauer, Adam Michael

Bin Hasmi, Muhammad

Bodin, Cassandra

Burhanudin, Muaz

Conway, Landen

Cunningham, Sean

Freudig, Trevor

Hauch, Colin

Johnson, Wes

Kadkaew, Natchanon

Kevis, Charlotte

Klein, Michael

LaFerriere, Scott

LaPere, Nico

Laurie, Adam

Lee, Blake

Leimbach, Reagen

Lewin, Collin

Li, Daiwei

Lilly, James

Lu, Yiqian

Perez, Jose

Raglow, Sean

Sharief, Nur Shasha

Smith, Trevor

Tao, Yuheng

Walder, Madison

Walla, Emily

Young, Nathan

Zhou, Steven

Physics Award Winners


Physics – Outstanding Senior Award

  • Emily Walla

Physics – Excellence in Undergraduate Research

  • Adam Bauer*

* Adam is also the overall “Excellence in Undergraduate Research” for the entire College of Science

John A. Leavitt Experimental Physics Prize

  • Ryan Lewis


Physics – Teaching

  • Parth Kumar

Physics – Service

  • Erik Wessel

Physics – Research

  • Rafael Garcia-Mar

Galileo Scholars

  • Undergraduates

    • Wes Johnson
    • Jonathan Friduss
    • Jordan Bennett
    • Blake Lee
  • Graduates
    • Christopher Grayson
    • Justin Lieffers
    • Ryan Paul
    • Rafael Garcia Mar