Srin Manne's Visit to ACT @ HEBUT

Oct. 23, 2023
Prof. Srin Manne at HEBUT

Prof. Srin Manne visited our applied physics program at Arizona College of Technology (ACT), Hebei University of Technology (HEBUT), from October 14 to 17. It was a busy four days packed with many events, including the 120th Anniversary Celebration of HEBUT. He attended the 2023 ACT opening ceremony with his speech on "Applied Physics is about tackling the complex and multidisciplinary problems by discovering the fundamental laws of the universe and developing new techniques to find them." Together with other University leaders, he also planted a "friendship tree" in front of the library.  This tree not only represents the support and trust we built in the past and witnesses the impressive progress we have made, but also indicates the long-lasting friendship in many years to come.  The highlight of the program was the International Cultural Festival held on October 15, with the introduction of American culture, food, a "Happy Cowboy" performance, and games. Srin also visited the classroom, talked with students, and got connected with physics professors there at HEBUT.  Our global Professor Ajith Rajapaksha was very happy to see Srin there!


Prof. Shufang Su