Brian LeRoy

Professor of Physics

Director of Graduate Studies

Classification: Primary Faculty

Education: Ph.D., 2003, Harvard University

Fields of Study: Condensed Matter Physics

Research Interests: 

The LeRoy group studies low-dimensional materials using a combination of scanning probe microscopy and optical spectroscopy techniques. Current materials of interest are carbon nanotubes, graphene and transition metal dichalcogenides. These materials are studied using low-temperature scanning tunneling microscopy, atomic force microscopy and Raman spectroscopy.

Honors and Awards: 


Selected Publications: 

Yankowitz, M., Wang, J.I-J. , Birdwell, A.G., Chen, Y.-A., Watanabe, K., Taniguchi, T., Jacquod, P., San-Jose, P., Jarillo-Herrero, P., LeRoy, B.J. Electric field control of soliton motion and stacking in trilayer graphene Nature Materials online publication 28 April (2014) doi:10.1038/nmat3965.

Yankowitz, M., Xue, J., Cormode, D., Sanchez-Yamagishi, J.D., Watanabe, K., Taniguchi, T., Jarillo-Herrero, P., Jacquod, P., LeRoy, B.J. Emergence of superlattice Dirac points in graphene on hexagonal boron nitride Nature Physics 8, 382 (2012).

Xue, J., Sanchez-Yamagishi, J., Watanabe, K., Taniguchi, T., Jarillo-Herrero, P., LeRoy, B.J. Long wavelength local density of states oscillations near graphene step edges Physical Review Letters 108, 016801 (2012).

Xue, J., Sanchez-Yamagishi, J., Bulmash, D., Jacquod, P., Deshpande, A., Watanabe, K., Taniguchi, T., Jarillo-Herrero, P., LeRoy, B.J. Scanning tunnelling microscopy and spectroscopy of ultra-flat graphene on hexagonal boron nitride Nature Materials 10, 282 (2011).

Deshpande, A., Bao, W., Miao, F., Lau, C.N., LeRoy, B.J. Spatially resolved spectroscopy of monolayer graphene on SiO2Physical Review B 79, 205411 (2009).