Weigang Wang

Associate Professor of Physics

Classification: Primary Faculty

Education: Ph.D.,Physics, 2008, University of Delaware, Newark, DE

Fields of Study: Condensed Matter Physics

Research Interests: 

We study the transport of charge and spin at nanoscales. Research in this area not only enhances the understanding of fundamental physics, but also directly leads to new applications such as nonvolatile magnetic memories and logic units. Our effort is focused on exploring new mechanisms to lower the switching energy of nanomagnets, where the information can be stored/processed by the spin of electrons. We are specialized in new materials, new structures and new device concepts for next generation of spintronic applications. We are also interested in the fabrication of nanostructures, by means of large scale self-assembly or photo/electron-beam lithography, and the subsequent magnetic, biological and/or energy applications.

Honors and Awards: 


Selected Publications: 

M. Xu, M. Li, P. Khanal, A.Habiboglu, B. Insana, Y. Xiong, T. Peterson, JC Myers, D Ortega, HW Qu, C.L. Chien, W. Zhang, J.P. Wang, W. G. Wang, "Voltage-Controlled Antiferromagnetism in Magnetic Tunnel Junctions", Phys. Rev. Lett., 124, 187701 (2020)

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Chong Bi, Meng Xu, Hamid Almasi, Marcus Rosales and W. G. Wang, "Metal Based Nonvolatile Field-effect Transistors", Advanced Functional Materials, 26, 3490 (2016)

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W. G. Wang, M. E. Li, S. Hageman and C. L. Chien, "Electric field assisted switching in magnetic tunnel junctions", Nature Materials 11, 64 (2012)