Graduate Studies

Graduate study in Physics at the University of Arizona is vested in discovery. Our department is probing the limits of what's known about the physical world, challenging boundaries, and exploring new directions. With internationally renowned programs and dedicated faculty who are leaders in their fields, we offer an environment that fuses cutting-edge research with teaching excellence..





Our world-class faculty and students are constantly working on a wide variety of topics across major physics disciplines. We’re exploring the boundaries of what’s known at the largest and smallest scales in the universe, and stretching the limits of what’s possible in the manipulation of matter and energy recognizing unsolved problems as opportunities for scientific breakthroughs.






The University of Arizona is one of the leading research universities in the United States. The National Science Foundation ranks the UA among the top 25 of public U.S. universities in terms of research and development funding. Tucson is a modern city of nearly a million people, with ample intellectual and cultural resources within easy reach. The city sits amid the Sonoran Desert, surrounded by 9,000-foot mountain peaks, extensive hiking and biking trails, and two National Parks.