Charles Stafford

Charles Stafford

Charles Stafford

Professor of Physics
Charles Stafford

Office: PAS 347

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Classification: Primary Faculty

Education: Ph.D., Physics, 1992, Princeton University

Fields of Study: Condensed Matter Physics

Research Interests: 

Many-body theory of nonequilibrium quantum systems. Nonequilibrium Green's functions (NEGF). Exact and/or nonperturbative results in many-body theory. Thermoelectric materials. Theory of scanning thermoelectric measurement.

Honors and Awards: 

ABB Prize of the Swiss Physical Society, 2000

Selected Publications: 

J. Meair, J.P. Bergfield, C.A. Stafford, Ph. Jacquod, Local temperature of out-of-equilibrium quantum electron systemsPhysical Review B 90, 035407 (2014)

Justin P. Bergfield, Shauna M. Story, Robert C. Stafford, Charles A. Stafford, Probing Maxwell's Demon with a Nanoscale ThermometerACS Nano 7, 4429-4440 (2013)

J. P. Bergfield, Z. F. Liu, K. Burke, and C. A. Stafford, Bethe Ansatz Approach to the Kondo Effect within Density-Functional TheoryPhysical Review Letters 108, 066801 (2012).

J. P. Bergfield, M. Solis, and C. A. Stafford, Giant Thermoelectric Effect from Transmission SupernodesACS Nano 4, 5314-5320 (2010)

J. P. Bergfield and C. A. Stafford, Thermoelectric Signatures of Coherent Transport in Single-Molecule HeterojunctionsNano Letters 9, 3072-3076 (2009)