Ken Johns

Professor of Physics

Associate Department Head, Physics

Classification: Primary Faculty

Education: Ph.D. Physics, 1986, Rice University

Fields of Study: Astrophysics and Cosmology and High Energy Physics

Research Interests: 

My primary interest is searching for Beyond the Standard Model particles using the ATLAS experiment at the CERN LHC. We eagerly await the start of Run 2 of the LHC at √s =13 TeV, beginning in 2015. Using Run 1 data from ATLAS at √s =8 TeV , we are completing searches for top-antitop quark resonances and vector-like quarks that couple to the third generation. My group is also heavily involved in two ATLAS Phase 1 Upgrade construction projects. These are engineering front-end electronics for Micromegas muon detectors for the New Small Wheel upgrade and developing firmware for the back-end electronics for the LAr trigger upgrade. I try to make time for work in support of weak lensing measurements using simulated data from the LSST (Large Synoptic Survey Telescope) which expects first light in 2020. There are many research opportunities for students. If you are an undergraduate or graduate student with interest in doing research with ATLAS or the LSST, please come talk with me.

Honors and Awards: 

Professor Leon and Pauline Blitzer Award for Excellence in the Teaching of Physics and Related Sciences 2014

Galileo Circle Dean’s Award 2013

Physics Department Excellence in Undergraduate Physics Teaching Award 2011

Physics Department Excellence in Graduate Physics Teaching Award 2004

NSF Presidential Young Investigator, 1991-1996

Selected Publications: 

“A Search for tt¯ Resonances in the Lepton+Jets Final State with ATLAS using 4.7 fb-1of pp collisions at √s = 7 TeV with the ATLAS Detector” ATLAS Collaboration, G.Aad et al, Phys. Rev. D 88 (2013) 012004.

“A Search for tt¯ Resonances in Lepton+Jets Events with Highly Boosted Top Quarks Collected in pp collisions at √s = 7 TeV with the ATLAS Detector” ATLAS Collaboration, G.Aad et al.,JHEP 1209 (2012) 041.

“A Search for tt¯ Resonances with the ATLAS Detector in 2.05 fb-1 of Proton-Proton Collisions at √s =7 TeV” ATLAS Collaboration, G.Aad et al., Eur. Phys. J. C 72 (2012) 2083.

“Measurement of the Top Quark Pair Production Cross-section with ATLAS in the Single Lepton Channel” ATLAS Collaboration, G.Aad et al., Phys. Lett. B 711, (2012) 244.

“The ATLAS Experiment at the CERN Large Hadron Collider” ATLAS Collaboration, G.Aad et al., JINST 3 (2008) S08003.