Sigurd Kohler

Sigurd Kohler

Professor Emeritus of Physics


D Sc (PhD),1959 University of Uppsala, Sweden

Fields of Study: Nuclear Physics

Research Interests: 

Nuclear Many Body Problems, Quantum Transport, Cold Atoms.Plasmas

Selected Publications: 

N.H. Kwong, M. Bonitz, H. Binder and H.S. Kohler, Semiconductor Kadanoff-Baym Equation Results for Optically Excited Electron-Hole Plasmas in Quantum Wells, phys. Stat. sol206197 (1998)

H. S. Köhler, Harmonic Oscillator and the phase-shift approximation, Foundation of Physics, To be published (2014)

H.S. Köhler, Short History of Nuclear Many Body Problem, Nucl. Phys. A , in press (2014)

H.S. Köhler, N.H. Kwong and Hashim A. Yousif, A Fortran Code for Solving the Kadanoff-Baym equations for a homogeneous fermion system, Comp. Phys. Comm123 123 (1999)

J. Dabrowski, H. S. K\”ohler and J. Rozynek, Application of the nuclear matter approach to the interaction potential between heavy ions, Acta Physica Polonica B 34 (2003)