Tim Eifler

Tim Eifler

Associate Professor of Astronomy
Associate Professor of Physics

Classification: Joint Faculty

Education: Ph.D. 2009, University of Bonn, Germany

Field of study: Cosmology, Astrophysics, Data Science

Research Interests: Dark Energy, Dark Matter, Structure Formation, Modified Gravity, Inflation, Statistical Data analysis, Machine Learning

Selected Publications:

  • “Accelerating cosmological inference with Gaussian processes and neural networks -- an application to LSST Y1 weak lensing and galaxy clustering”, Boruah, S. S., Eifler, T., et al ., MNRAS, 518, 4, (2023)
  • Kinematic Lensing with the Roman Space Telescope”, Xu, J., Eifler, T., et al., MNRAS 519, 2, (2023)
  • Cosmology from clustering, cosmic shear, CMB lensing, and cross correlations: combining Rubin observatory and Simons Observatory”, Fang, X., Eifler, T., et al., MNRAS, 509, 5721, (2022)
  • Cosmology with the Roman Space Telescope – Multi-Probe Strategies”, Eifler, T., et al MNRAS, 507, 2, (2021)
  • Cosmology with the Roman Space Telescope – Synergies with the Rubin Observatory Legacy Survey of Space and Time”, Eifler, T., et al MNRAS, 507, 1, (2021)
  • cosmolike - cosmological likelihood analyses for photometric galaxy surveys”,  Krause, E., & Eifler, T.,  MNRAS,  470,  2100,  (2017)