Student Brown Bag Seminar

Katie Williams, University of Arizona and Jeffrey Lee, University of Arizona

Katie Williams, University of Arizona- Proactively Managing your Career

Abstract: Regardless of your post-graduation plans, there are a few actions you can take now to help better position yourself for future opportunities.  In this talk, I will offer insights on choosing coursework, applying to internships, and building a competitive resume/CV that will help you prepare for the next steps in your career.

Jeffrey Lee, Program in Applied Mathematics, University of Arizona- Simulating Oxygen Transport in Large Microvascular Networks

Abstract: Oxygen transport to tissue primarily occurs in the microvasculature, and is strongly dependent on the geometry and topology of microvascular networks.  Measurement of flow and oxygen concentration within these networks can be incredibly difficult due to the complex topologies and small size of vessels.  In this talk, we present a method for calculating oxygen distribution and key macroscopic parameters (e.g. perfusion, oxygen consumption, and extraction) using boundary conditions that account for the embedding of the simulated region within its surroundings.


Noon to 1 p.m. April 19, 2019


MATH 402