Fall 2023 Physics Colloquium: Taming Quantum Fluctuations in Nanoscale Systems: Some ado about nothing

Kanu Sinha, Assistant Professor, School of Electrical, Energy and Computer Engineering at Arizona State University


3 to 4 p.m., Sept. 29, 2023


Abstract: Fluctuation-induced phenomena are a fascinating and fundamental feature of quantum electrodynamics (QED), with implications spanning spontaneous emission of atoms, stability of colloidal suspensions such as milk, adhesive properties of gecko feet, stiction in nano- and micro-mechanical machines, and, potentially, density perturbations in the early universe. Quantum fluctuation phenomena also play a significant role in the state-of-the-art nanoscale quantum systems that enhance the efficacy of light-matter interactions by confining light in small regions. Such systems are integral to a myriad of emerging quantum technological applications: from building single-photon devices and storing and transmitting quantum information over long distances, to facilitating precision tests of fundamental physics. Fluctuation phenomena critically limit the ability to trap and control quantum systems at nanoscales from surfaces.

In this talk, I will review quantum fluctuation effects – such as fluctuation-induced forces, decoherence and Brownian motion – and our work on various ways to tailor these phenomena in nanoscale quantum systems.

In-Person only. Refreshments in PAS 218 at 2:30PM


Arvinder Sandhu