Steward Observatory/NSF’s NOIRLab Joint Colloquium Series: Using the NANOGrav Measurements of the Gravitational Wave Background to Constrain the Supermassive Black Hole Binary Population

Kayhan Gultekin, University of Michigan


3:30 to 4:30 p.m., Sept. 28, 2023

Abstract: NANOGrav has found evidence for the gravitational wave background from our pulsar timing array data. This Earth-moving new work is the result of fifteen years of work with contributions from over a hundred scientists and is consistent with other pulsar timing arrays. I will present our recent results and why we are confident in our results. I will spend most of my time discussing the interpretation of the background as due to a cosmic population of supermassive black hole binaries. I will present how our pulsar timing array data put constraints on the population and how we can improve these constraints with optical, infrared, and X-ray observations of galaxies and binary AGN.

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Tiffany Deyoe