International Symposium on "Particles and Plasmas" and "Strong Fields"

July 25, 2023
Prof Rafelski

This Summer 2023 three Physics graduate students (Chris Grayson, Will Price and Andrew Steinmetz) joined two recent Physics graduates Martin Formanek (a Marie Curie Fellow at ELI/Prague) and Stefan Evans (Postdoc at Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf) attending the international symposium on Particles and Plasmas in Budapest and a Strong Fields workshop in Prague - their international travel was in part supported by a Fanfare award administered by the Department. In the picture on the left we see the group at a conference cruise on the Danube in Budapest (showing also their thesis advisor Prof. Johann Rafelski) and on the right we see the group at the entrance to the ELI laboratory near Prague (from left to right: Andrew, Will, Martin, Chris, Stefan).

Johann Rafelski