John Schaibley

John Schaibley

Associate Professor of Physics

Office: PAS 551

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Classification: Primary Faculty

Education: Ph.D. Physics, 2013, University of Michigan

Fields of Study: 

Research Interests: 

My research is focused on the discovery and understanding of novel electronic, optical and spin effects in low dimensional solid state systems, and their applications to technology. I am currently focused on optoelectronic and spin physics of 2D material semiconductor systems, specifically monolayer transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDCs), and 2D heterostructure devices, where we use the unique properties of disparate materials (TMDC, graphene, hexagonal boron nitride, FeSe, NbSe2, and organic semiconductors) layered together, to study the physics of atomically sharp material junctions.

Honors and Awards: 

Bisgrove Scholar (2017)

AFOSR - YIP Award (2017)

Peter Franken Award (University of Michigan)

AAPT Outstanding Teacher Award (University of Michigan)

Phi Beta Kappa (Purdue University)

Selected Publications: 

J. R. Schaibley, H. Yu, G. Clark, P. Rivera, J. S. Ross, K. L. Seyler, W. Yao, X. Xu. Valleytronics in 2D Materials. Nature Reviews Materials 1 16055 (2016).

P. Rivera, K. L. Seyler, H. Yu, J. R. Schaibley, J. Yan, D. G. Mandrus, W. Yao, X. Xu. Valley-Polarized Exciton Dynamics in a 2D Semiconductor Heterostructure. Science 351 688-691 (2016).

J. R. Schaibley, T. Karin, H. Yu, J. S. Ross, P. Rivera, A. M. Jones, M. Scott, J. Yan, D. G. Mandrus, W. Yao, K.-M. Fu, X. Xu. Population pulsation resonances of excitonic states in monolayer MoSe2 with sub 1 μeV linewidths. Physical Review Letters 114, 137402 (2015).

S. Wu, S. Buckley, J. R. Schaibley, L. Feng, J. Yan, D. G. Mandrus, F. Hatami, W. Yao, J. Vučković, A. Majumdar, X. Xu. Monolayer semiconductor nanocavity lasers with ultralow thresholds. Nature 520 69-72 (2015).

J. R. Schaibley, A. P. Burgers, G. A. McCracken, L.-M. Duan, P. R. Berman, D. G. Steel, A. S. Bracker, D. Gammon, and L.J. Sham, Demonstration of quantum entanglement between a single electron spin confined to a single InAs quantum dot and a photon, Physical Review Letters 110. 167401 (2013).