Astrophysics and Cosmology


Our group is concerned with a wide variety of astrophysical and cosmological phenomena and their connection to outstanding problems in fundamental physics. As such, our interests stretch from the earliest moments after the Big Bang all the way through to the present-day universe and beyond, spanning the widest possible range of energies, distances, densities, pressures, and temperatures. Our research receives input from nearly every field of modern physics and spans the gamut from abstract theoretical considerations all the way to detailed modeling and analysis of observational data. Members of our group are active in observational probes of dark energy, dark matter model building and observation, compact objects (black holes and neutron stars) and their environments, tests of general relativity, neutron stars as probes of dark matter, strong-field gravity and sources of gravitational radiation, primordial quark-gluon plasma and connections with cosmic evolution, and neutrino astrophysics and cosmology. We benefit from close association with the astronomy and planetary science departments, as well as with the Theoretical Astrophysics Program, which runs a colloquium series and provides support for visitors.